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Customize an M4 II

2011-01-20 17:29:44 by desertthunder

Check my releases,



(oh btw, who ever finds the easter egg gets an EXCLUSIVE look at Create a Gun V4)

New/Old layout

2009-06-06 15:09:21 by desertthunder

Heres an updated Piece set. If you have any request relating to pieces, let me know. If you want some of the following pieces put in, let me know: Folded stocks, more handles, more pmg's, and more background elements (ie bullet casings, backgrounds, stuff like that)

New/Old layout

Create a Gun V3

Isnt it awesome? It just rolls off your tounge... AND STRAIT ONTO NEWGROUNDS!!!

Release Date is set for MONDAY OR TUESDAY! I'm finishing up and releasing it in the next 4-5 days, so get ready to make some guns!!!

Riley Smith

Progress: Up and Down

2009-03-17 11:25:58 by desertthunder

Hey everybody!

As I said in the Subjecy line, progress is going well, and not so well at the same time.
First: The Ups. I have added so many new parts and addtitions to CAGV3. Progress on that matter is going absolutely well.
Then: The Downs. My Action Scripter has gone to jail for reasons I shall not say, so our new system of CAGV3 will not be released! SORRY!!

TTYL For Now
Riley Smith

PMG Picture Pack

2009-02-18 18:12:56 by desertthunder

Here is first Picture pack for the Pre-made guns. It contains some of the Pre-made guns I have constructed, and some of the new scopes and accessories I have crafted...

Link ---> Clickeh

PMG Picture Pack


2009-02-18 16:20:00 by desertthunder

I now have lots of Pre-made guns and I will release a picture pack soon. Keep the requests coming, and I will keep responding!

If you also have ANY idea of accessories for the guns, eg scopes, sights, barrel addons, and other things, please tell me and I will respond with an answer.

TTYL, Regards,
Riley Smith


2009-02-17 12:57:57 by desertthunder

I have started to make Pre-made Guns. They will be exceptionally detailed, and to scale with everything else. I have gotten numerous requests, and I will respond to each one. Update shortly with pictures.

Close to the point!

2009-02-12 11:31:17 by desertthunder

Hey everybody!

I am soooo close to finishing! I have the layout and everything set up, but somethings will be dropped:

Target range - after tons and TONS of man hours of fiddling andscrewing around, I haven't yet been able to make it so you can test your guns

Music - small chance it might make it into final production, it might not. It all depends...

Tutorials - the game is pretty easy, you shouldn't need tut's

Pre-made Guns - Might make it into final production, like I said with music, if all goes well, then they will make it. Please reply with pre-made gun ideas(aside from M4A1, AK47, G36, M249, and MP5)

Comments and Critisism Welcome always!

Riley Smith

Close to the point!

Back on Teh Track

2008-12-08 14:23:18 by desertthunder

My AS has responded, so Im "Back on Track" and Relaease date will be in about 1 month. Merry Christmas :D

AS Delays

2008-11-11 14:14:26 by desertthunder

My Action Scripter hasnt responded to me for a while, so I don't know where i'm at. I have all the pieces I want, just not the Layout and the Design and Stuff. MORE NEWS TO FOLLOW